Ingwar Perton

Since 2009 Ingwar is associated with  “Gallery Stam” at Prinsengrracht 356s The Netherlands, owned by Matthijs Stam.

At this gallery he works particularly on realistic oil paintings.

Next to his work in the gallery Ingwar is part of an art collective called “Spatzuiver”. This collective with 6 individuals who all have their own expertize works together as a graffiti collective. Together they build stages at festivals, live painting, give workshops and create murals as much as they can.

Together with many other arstist Ingwar also has a studio at "De Broedmachine" in Beverwijk. Which is a creative breeding ground for the artists who work there but also members of the breeding place. Some of the creative businesses are: welding, glas blowing, coffee burning, beer brewing, painting, photography, music studio, furniture building and many more.